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Insure Our Caravan aims to provide you with information on insurance for static and touring caravans to ensure that you don’t suffer should the worst ever happen.

We offer you the a variety of information on insurance savings, special offers and always recommended that you read the terms and conditions supplied either before or at the time of purchase.

It is always your own personal choice as to whether the cover offered will suit your needs and it is your responsibility to ensure that any information you provide to an insurer is correct.

It’s important to remember that companies will often list a very low price but fail to advise that the insurance value may not cover the full value of your caravan.

Please note that we are not in any way responsible for any inaccuracies or discrepancies that relate to any insurance policy taken out by you, from any insurance company or broker, whether or not they are listed on our website.

By taking out an insurance policy for your caravan from any of the insurance companies listed on you accept the terms and conditions provided by your chosen insurance provider.

To find out more about any types of insurance please click on the relevant areas below.​​​

Touring Caravan Insurance

Owning a touring caravan gives you the freedom to explore the UK and the rest of Europe at your leisure but with this comes extra risks. 

Driving from one campsite to another obviously has it’s own challenges and risks, whilst leaving your caravan to explore the local area and storing your touring caravan when not in use leaves your prize possession open to the possibilities of theft or damage. 

Buying and owning a touring caravan can be a massive financial commitment, so it makes sense to protect it with suitable touring caravan insurance.​​

Static Caravan Insurance

We understand how much your static caravan may mean to you. Static caravans are like second homes and spending time in them can be a wonderfully relaxing experience. 

There really is nothing better than getting away from it all and spending quality time with family or friends. Static caravans are often located some distance from your main residence and therefore may be more likely to be the victim of theft and damage. 

Due to this, it’s important to ensure that you consider insuring your static caravan with a suitable insurance policy.​​

Simple Caravan Insurance

Simple Caravan Insurance is currently one of the UK’s leading insurance companies providing static and touring caravan insurance for thousands of caravan owners across the UK. 

Operating from the UK, Simple Caravan Insurance offer a range of comprehensive adaptive insurance products, allowing you to get a policy which meets your needs and requirements.

Whether you’ve got a static caravan set up somewhere in England, Wales or Scotland or you’ve got a touring caravan which you use for a holiday or touring the UK or further afield, Simple Caravan Insurance are sure to have a policy to meet your needs.​​​​

The Insurance Emporium

The Insurance Emporium was launched in January 2017 and is the brand new face of E&L Insurance.

Offering a whole variety of insurance products such as pet, equine, motor, home travel and of course caravan insurance, The Insurance Emporium are specialists in their area.

As a specialist insurer, the Insurance Emporium strive to offer a first class, UK based claims and customer contact based service. They provide competitively priced premiums on all of their products and as we’ve said, they and more importantly their claims department are based in the UK.​​

Flexible insurance cover for your caravan

Caravan insurance is not currently a legal requirement but at Insure Our Caravan we think you’d be silly not to consider covering such an important possession…after all, its your pride and joy! We know how much your caravan means to you and we also realise it’s likely to be one of the biggest and most important purchases you’re ever likely to make. This is why we think caravan insurance cover is such an important thing to consider.

Our website helps you compare flexible insurance cover for your static or touring caravan. Take a closer look to find low cost, flexible and comprehensive insurance cover for your caravan today.

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